US Tax Reform Opens Opportunities To Renewable Energy Industry

With our energy sources rapidly declining and approaching the danger of extinction, the world is slowly converting into a renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy is the energy which is collected from resources that are renewable and are replenishable naturally over the period of time. These include sunlight or solar energy, wind energy, rain, tide, waves and also geothermal energy.

Renewable energy mostly emphasizes its provision on four major fields:

  • Electricity generation which is the most important one.
  • Transportation
  • Water heating and cooling services
  • Rural or off-grid energy services.
America harnesses various sources of energy, but the renewable energy sector is still a bit unexplored.

America harnesses various sources of energy, but the renewable energy sector is still a bit unexplored. To rectify this problem a new tax form is launched. Since the US mostly relies on using coal, oil and natural gas as its energy sources, it has not yet developed in the field of renewable energy which is the need of the hour, keeping in mind all the various environmental issues that we are facing. To ensure a sustainable future, we have to switch our energy preferences to renewable forms of energy that do not harm the environment and also replenishes itself thus promising us its abundant supply.

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The growth of renewable energy production in the United States is a result of favourable tax reforms that have opened new gateways for Renewable Energy Industry

Now, How Has That Escalated?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) recently introduced offers myriad opportunities and challenges for the renewable energy sector.

TCJA has the following impacts on U.S. based renewable energy manufacturers regarding the renewable energy equipment and the facilities required to harness renewable energy:

  • Corporate Tax Rate Reduction: A reduction of federal corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent has a healthy side towards new developments that are taking place.
  • New Transition Tax which when imposed on foreign subsidiaries of the U.S. companies initially not taxed ensures the repatriation of the earnings made by these subsidiaries. This tax also enables manufacturers to bring back the cash associated with a lower tax benefit.
  • Section 199 repeal allows a tax player to request fewer production activities. It may seem to have a negative effect to the manufacturers but get diminished in regard to lower tax rates and the provision for expenses.
  • Immediate expensing
  • Base erosion anti-abuse tax (also abbreviated as BEAT) – This is a tax which operates on its incentive to penalize the payment procedures adopted by multinational companies to foreign US subsidiaries.

The reduction of corporate tax rate has proven to be very beneficial along with its opportunity to target its expense on new assets. This is expected to provide a cash-tax benefit which will further culminate in steady and profitable manufacturing processes and operations in the US.

It is strongly felt that the introduction of this new regime which works in favourable of developing and expanding the renewable energy sector could further enhance the renewable energy supply chain in the US, thus providing manufacturers with the opportunity to serve the renewable energy sector.

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