Leaving Fossil Fuels, Is It Possible In The Near Future?

Fossil fuels are largely responsible for phenomenon like global warming and pollution.

It has been a human effort for the last two to three decades to eradicate fossil fuels from energy production, but it has only been a partial victory.

Read on and find out which are the predictions as we go deeper in the future of fossil fuels in the world.

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Fossil Fuels Are A Money Issue

Numbers are way beyond anyone´s imagination and are not going down by any means.

Before going any further in any kind of explanation, I would like to settle one thing straight and that is the fact that leaving, or not fossil fuel is definitely a money issue.

It is as much of a fact that petroleum pollutes our planet as it is that petroleum generates billions of dollars in earnings in a yearly basis.

Numbers are way beyond anyone´s imagination and are not going down by any means. The lower the offer with a steady demand, the higher the prices are going.

For example, it was easier to extract and get fossil fuels and natural resources in the past in many places in the world, but nowadays with regulations and transportation costs, it is becoming increasingly expensive.

The Untouchable Business

Big oil companies are growing, not falling.

Although efforts are continuous and from all over the world the supremacy of fossil fuels over renewable energy is still a fact. Perhaps the most important field to cover that has not yet turned to renewable sources is the fuel used to move people around. This can be considered in two different ways:

  • The big companies are pushing it back – It is half true, half conspiracy theory that all successful attempts to found an alternative to regular fuel were silenced and reverted by big oil companies with help from the governments. Although there is no solid evidence to back up the theory (you can find results on both sides online), it is highly likely that it has happened. A good example is how undeveloped electric technology is for cars and how widely developed that technology is in other areas.
  • Big oil companies are growing, not falling – Big oil companies are growing their business. This, in a world that is trying to shift to a less-pollutant fuel source is a sign of alarm. A clear example is that companies like Shell are attempting to make millionaire investments and keep on drilling the Earth to look for more petroleum such as Shell was planning to do in the arctic. The meaning of this growth is that governments are not pushing transportation (public and private) to the alternative fuel territory but demanding more fuel.


Petroleum is an untouchable business and the decision to finish its reign on Earth is a politic and economic one. As long as there is so much money in the middle, there will be little space for innovation and revolution.

The political effort needs to make the world´s eye turn from money to health. Only then will human kind see a prosper future.

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