10 Reasons Why The World Might End Sooner Than We Think

Is doomsday an instigated conspiracy or a factual eventuality that we may have to face in the near future? Yes, we say ‘near future’ as evidence is rapidly piling up to support this age-old theory or shall we say, ingrained fear…?

As the world rotates to its end, there are many speculations making the rounds. But our reasons are backed by true facts prevalent in this moment, that cannot be ignored.

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Here are 10 reasons why we believe life on earth will cease to exist much sooner than we actually think:

1) Global Warming

Iceland has marked the passing of its first glacier lost to climate change with an official ceremony, and a bronze plaque warning of the damage to come.

Iceland recently conducted a funeral for their dying glaciers.

The unprecedented melting rate of ice in the northern hemisphere has alarmed all the north – most countries including Greenland, Alaska and Canada. Trauma of future climate changes and a new type of emotional state known as ‘ecological fear’ has developed among the affected people.

Predictions about sea levels rising by 300 feet don’t seem so unbelievable or distant any longer. While most of the world’s population sinks, the heat will destroy the rest. Disease, drought, famine, erosion and flooding. It’s all already begun.

2) Nuclear War

Right now, there are 9 countries in the world that hold nuclear power – The United States, China, United Kingdom, India, Russia, France, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Many other countries assisted the nuclear nations to build the 16, 400 nuclear arms and equipment present on this planet currently.

The effects of a nuclear war between even two of the armed countries, using even approximately 100 of the 16, 000 plus nuclear weapons, could be catastrophic for the entire world.

3) Killer Epidemic

The earth’s human population has exceeded the 7.7 billion mark and growing exponentially by the second. At this rate, it’s getting increasingly difficult to contain and control people of various nationalities owing to a high rate of air travel. This encourages the spread of viruses which the medical fraternity and scientists are claiming can mutate quicker than we can heal.

This situation has placed our planet at a very high-risk level of a global epidemic that can wipe us all out in a matter of days.

4) Population Explosion

Building on the earlier point made about the fast-growing rate of world population, the solution of colonization of other planets is already being explored. The Mars One project is currently working on sending unmanned missions to Mars, before crew and appointed teams are sent there. The Mars100 team of citizens from all over the world, have been selected and are currently being trained to live on Mars in the future. These are definite signs of the impending threat of overpopulation being a reason for Earth to head towards its unfortunate end.

5) Sentient Artificial Intelligence

As AI develops and advances with every new invention, the ultimate achievement of artificial intelligence is a self-aware or sentient being that can think and act on its own. Science and technology geniuses have expressed their concern over smarter, more powerful sentient AI taking over the world and dominating humankind.

With the way technology is developing, this type of end to humanity doesn’t seem too far – fetched.

6) Natural Extinction

Though humanity is known as an evolved species, it is not a very durable one. Unlike apes who’ve been existing for many millions of years, we’ve hardly been here for less than a million. Even if plague, war, or robots don’t manage to kill us, it’s highly likely that we may experience natural extinction. A part of evolution or survival of the fittest process.

Over 5 billion earth species are already extinct. There’s no reason why humans cannot follow this pattern. Of course, this mode of eradication will take more time than any of the other methods mentioned here and not something to worry about in the near future.

7) Magnetic Loss

The earth has its own systems and functioning. The magnetic force field surrounding the planet keeps us safe from charged particles of solar wind that can damage our ozone layer. This field keeps reducing till there’s a flip between the north and south poles. This to helps reform it. In the last 100 million years, there have been almost 170 magnetic flips.

However, there has been no flip for the past 781, 000 years. This means that currently Earth’s magnetic field is thinning and weak, leaving our ozone layer exposed to dangerous solar particles.

This is a very real potential threat to all life on the planet.

8) Evolution Of The Sun

The earlier point about the importance of Earth’s magnetic field gains more momentum when we consider this: Helium gas in the Sun’s core keeps is building constantly, making it more powerful with every internal explosion. This will burn and destroy all life on Earth beyond repair.

It is predicted that this phenomenon could occur between 5 to 7 billion years from now. The solar system as we know it today, will be one great ball of fire, destroying everything in its path before it finally dies out.

9) Death Star

The death of a star transforms it into a supernova. Any supernova in a radius of 30 to 1000 light years from earth can affect the planet’s biosphere or living paradigm. In last 11 million years, there have been almost 20 such stars dying close to Earth. The effect of these have been an increase of around 3 to 4C or 5 to 7F.

Earth’s temperatures are on the rise with global warming and the greenhouse effect. Currently there are 6 potential supernovas’ around Earth. Their explosion could be detrimental for every living thing on the planet. This is a live ticking bomb that we live under the threat of.

10) Alien Invasion  

Though this may suddenly read like a sci-fi piece, the possibility of alien species has not been completely disproved. Till we are entirely sure of zero alien life existing in the universe, this is a perpetual threat to humankind.

If Stephen Hawking is on a search for alien life and is advising us on what should be done, if there’s an alien attack, then who are we to oppose?

If there is alien life, it’s also highly likely that it is more evolved and intelligent than we are.

But we will never know the truth till it actually happens.


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